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  • iControlDiabetes 6:58 am on October 23, 2012 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Belly Button, Bicep Curls, Cold Temperatures, Elbow, , Good Reason, , Period Of Time, , Scars, Smoking, Stomach, , Two Areas, Wallet   

    Tips for Injecting Insulin 

    injecting insulin Tips for Injecting Insulin

    Stay at least two inches away from the belly button, or any scars or moles.

    Inject at least 4 inches (or approximately one hand-width) above the knee and at least 4 inches down from the top of the leg. The best area on the leg is the top and outer area of the thigh.

    Inject into the fatty tissue in the back (not the side) of the arm between the shoulder and the elbow.

    Inject into the hip or “wallet area” and not into the lower buttock area.

    A few additional points

    To make sure that your insulin is absorbed consistently, it may be best to give all injections in one or two areas of the body and rotate where you inject the insulin within that site for a period of time.
    Use a different site for each time of day. For example, inject your morning insulin in your stomach and your evening insulin in your thigh. Be sure to rotate within the site.
    Physical activity may increase insulin absorption. It’s best not to inject in your arm or thigh if you have just exercised or plan to exercise (your arms would absorb insulin quickly if you were doing a set of bicep curls, for instance). So your stomach may be the best site choice if you will be physically active.
    Hot temperatures tend to increase insulin absorption, while cold temperatures can decrease absorption. Be careful about injecting insulin after taking a hot shower, a bath or being out in the cold.
    Smoking may decrease insulin absorption, which is another good reason to quit!



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  • iControlDiabetes 8:40 am on October 11, 2012 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , Exercise Tips, Extra, , Safety Steps, Safety Tips   

    Exercise Safety Tips for Diabetics 

    exercise Exercise Safety Tips for Diabetics

    Exercise can improve your health and your outlook on life. Because you have diabetes, however, it pays to be doubly careful not to injure yourself or upset your diabetes control. Follow the safe exercise basic guidelines that everyone who exercises needs to know. And you’ll want to add some extra safety steps that take your diabetes into account. These 20 steps to safe exercise will help you deal with both of these needs.


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    Tags: Bacteria, Bristles, , , Charles Gerba, Contaminants, Contaminated Water, Cross Contamination, Food Debris, Germs, Health Tip, Phd, Saliva, Surfaces, Toilet, Toothbrush, Toothbrushes, Virus, Water Vapor   

    The Grossest Thing in the Bathroom: Your Toothbrush 

    toothbrush2 The Grossest Thing in the Bathroom: Your Toothbrush

    “If you have your toothbrush too close to the toilet,” microbiologist Charles Gerba, PhD, tells WebMD, “you are brushing your teeth with what’s in your toilet.” He explains that when you flush with the lid open, contaminated water vapor settles on surfaces in your bathroom. And that’s not the only way germs pollute your toothbrush.

    Health Tip: Don’t Spread Germs at Work

    Brushing your teeth removes bacteria, food debris, and blood and saliva that might be infected with a virus. If you don’t rinse the bristles properly, you will be putting these contaminants right back into your mouth the next time you brush. Many families store their toothbrushes jammed together in a cup or holder, which can also cause cross contamination.



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    Tags: Cavities, Crowns, Dental Work, , Insurance Carrier, Medical Care, Medical Clinic, Medical Practice, Medical Schools, Money Time, Patient Files, Physical Discomfort, Root Canals, Saving Money, Second Opinion, Student Doctors, Thousands Of Dollars, Word Of Mouth, X Rays, Yelp   

    5 Ways to Avoid Getting Ripped Off at the Doctor’s Office 

    doctor 5 Ways to Avoid Getting Ripped Off at the Doctors Office



    If you feel that you’re paying more than you need to at the doctor, you can take control of your health (and the health of your savings account) by considering a few choices:

    1. Seek out a second opinion.

    Your dentist tells you that you need 10 cavities filled, seven root canals, and a new mouth of crowns–after insurance, it’ll still cost you thousands of dollars. Yet another, separate dentist may find that all you need is some minimal dental work, saving you money, time, and physical discomfort.

    The good news about healthcare is that you’re not under contract or obligated to see just one doctor. If you’re unhappy with the service you’ve received or price you’ve been quoted, it’s perfectly acceptable to seek out another opinion from another doctor. Doctors are also required by law to forward your patient files or x-rays to other physicians. Don’t feel guilty to shop around. Check with your insurance carrier–they’ll be able to tell you which doctors in your network are board certified. Don’t be afraid to refer to word-of-mouth websites like to see how some local specialists are rated. And when researching new physicians, see how much your co-payments will be stacked up against other doctors providing the same services.

    2. Opt for medical schools and clinics.

    Consider visiting a university dental or medical clinic for a checkup or exam. The cost is significantly cheaper and the care, very often, surpasses that of a regular medical practice. Most college clinic care is carried out by students under the supervision of a faculty M.D. Often, student doctors at specialty clinics, like those for chiropractic care or periodontal dental work, for example, have already received their full medical licensing.

    Also consider visiting a low-cost medical clinic in your neighborhood. It’s a cost-effective way of saving money while not skimping on the level of medical care you may need. It’s a good option for the uninsured patient who can’t afford to pay full cost, out of pocket, at a conventional medical practice.

    3. Group exams and medical procedures together.

    Say you’ve got three cavities that need filling, and you’ve scheduled three appointments for each–but you’re unaware that there’s a new co-payment for every visit. Now you may owe hundreds of dollars out of pocket. Work with your doctor or dentist to see their availability, and group major medical procedures into a plan that’s physically, and financially, manageable for you. You can even do one better: If you’re a prospective patient, schedule a consultation with the practitioner you’ve got in mind. Take a tour of their offices, ask about their rates, and see if you can receive an estimate of the services you may need. This can be an initial, low-cost way of diagnosing what kinds of medical services you may be in need of.

    4. Avoid the up sell.

    The Archives of Internal Medicine reported in 2011 that 40 percent of doctors polled, according to the L.A. Times, said that they ordered more tests and consultations than were necessary because they didn’t get to spend enough time with their patients to make a proper diagnosis. Depending on your insurance plan, an extra test or three can come at a huge cost to you as the patient. If you’re skeptical about a certain procedure, ask your doctor straight away if it’s absolutely needed.

    And like expensive cosmetics and other top-dollar products, which claim to perform better than their cheaper contemporaries, don’t be swayed by a medical practitioner into buying pricey medicines or other items. Unless it’s prescription, there’s little reason to buy the tube of $30 toothpaste at the dentist’s front counter when a generic $1.99 brand from the store works just as well. The same goes for prescriptions on everything from pain medication to back braces to contact lenses–your doctor may be able to prescribe you a generic brand at a savings to you.

    5. Preventive care is the best medicine.

    They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It can also be worth a lot to your finances, too. It goes without saying that eating right, exercising, and getting enough sleep keeps you healthy and prevents illness and disease. Some lifestyle changes may be all the treatment that’s needed to avoid costly doctor visit or exams, even those that rightly justify a high price tag. The first step in avoiding a medical rip-off is to ensure that we’re not just being honest with our choices we make in physicians and services, but the ones we make with our health.




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    Tags: Arteries, Bacteria In The Mouth, Bloodstream, Brain Stroke, , , Fatty Plaques, , , , , , , Smile, Variety   

    What a smile reveals about your health 

    smile What a smile reveals about your health

    Not brushing your teeth twice a day raises your risk of heart disease by 70%, research shows.


    A variety of studies have established that inflammation and bacteria in the mouth and gums can find its way into the bloodstream, leading to thickening of the arteries and increasing the risk of a heart attack; while fatty plaques that build up on the inside of the vessels can break off, go to the brain and cause a stroke.




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